Why Should You Use A VPN To Torrent?

HideMyAss.comIf you’re not using a VPN right now you are 100% open to all different kinds of attacks, tracking, and
other threats to your personal and private information – as well as your torrent history – and you
might not even be aware of it

Maybe one of the most important tools and technologies emerging in our modern world, you should
begin to consider a VPN as essential as your Internet connection. The truth of the matter is that we
are quickly becoming more and more connected through a range of different devices – smart phones,
tablets, laptops, and just about any other consumer electronic you can think of now has built-in wireless
connectivity – and we are unknowingly exposing ourselves to all different kinds of information leaks,
theft of financial data, and a whole host of other major issues each and every time we log on. This is
especially true if you’re meddling in the somewhat gray area of torrenting, a practice you’ll probably
want to keep out of public view.

The only way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim is to sign up for the very best VPN you can
find, a task that is nowhere near as easy as it might seem on the surface.

What is a VPN anyways?

Before you can even begin to question whether or not you need a VPN, you need to understand exactly
what one is. Essentially a paid service that you use to connect to the web through a secure portal –
essentially a remote data center that reroutes all of your Internet activity through different IP addresses
and servers all over the world, turning you into an invisible Internet traveler for all intents and purposes
– a VPN is absolutely mission critical.

It works as a kind of tunnel between your computer and one hosted somewhere else, encrypting the
information that bounces between the two with the same kind of technology that governments all over
the world use to protect their most private secrets, insuring that each and everything you do on the
Internet doesn’t leave behind a digital fingerprint.

Why is this so important and why do I need a VPN for torrenting?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for some time, you’re no doubt aware of the SOPA and PIPA
laws that were just recently shot down in the United States government. Essentially laws that would
allow the government to watch just about anything and everything you did on the Internet – under
the umbrella of trying to hunt down cybercrime – you would have given up all of your privacy from the
moment you log on to the moment you turn your computer off.

Anyone that is messing around with torrents most likely doesn’t want to have the wrath and fire of
the movie and music industry – or any one of the software giant’s whose products littered the torrent
trackers of the web – breathing down their necks, and the only way to protect yourself is with a VPN

Essentially creating a funnel that blocks out and encrypts all of your torrent thing activities to keep them
safe from prying eyes, there is no question that you need a VPN for torrenting.

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